Where to ski in Bulgaria?

Good evening to all readers and more specially fans of the holidays!! Since you are here, that means you love to travel and explore beautiful destinations… We love to do this too and with the greatest pleasure will share with you our experience with the long and exciting trips we have experienced till now! First of all, we want to tell you that everybody must travel a lot… Every travel will give you a special sensation – sensation that you never felt before! By traveling to foreign countries and picturesque spots, you will “collect” many unforgettable memories, many strong impressions […]

What you need need when it comes to excellent vacations?

How you plan your vacation before to hit the road? Are there some rules you follow when it comes to family getaways or the only thing you trust is your intuition? And how about the ways of traveling? Aren’t they of most importance, or actually it doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you are using – still, the hotel, the food and the sights you will see when arrive are much more important than the fast movement… The last one we said is complete delusion! Yes, both the accommodation and the establishments are really important for you to have a […]

Bulgaria and Romania as winter destinations

While looking for a summer destination that to visit before the end of the hottest time of year, we can suddenly find our next winter destination. And even that the winter is still far away from us, some day we will have to think about where to go when outside is snowy and all our friends have already organized their ski vacations! – Did you think about that? Well, the first destination we would like to recommend you today is the country of Bulgaria! Is has amazing ski resorts, many picturesque mountains that worth visiting during the snowy winter. Note […]