What you need need when it comes to excellent vacations?

How you plan your vacation before to hit the road? Are there some rules you follow when it comes to family getaways or the only thing you trust is your intuition? And how about the ways of traveling? Aren’t they of most importance, or actually it doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you are using – still, the hotel, the food and the sights you will see when arrive are much more important than the fast movement…

The last one we said is complete delusion! Yes, both the accommodation and the establishments are really important for you to have a nice holiday, but in fact, the way you move is not to be underestimated! If you decide to travel by air, have in mind that you will reach your destination faster than if you travel by car. But the waiting on the border does not go away – you will have to go to the line where to spend long minutes before your turn for a customs check comes. And that is not all. If you have kids, small kids, that do not have the same patience like yours, the situation becomes more difficult and complicated than if you are a solo traveler. You will have to find a way to entertain them until the time for documents check comes, as this undertaking is not as easy as many people think. – What is your opinion?

Well, we have very good option when it comes to holidays, travels, weekend-trips and so on. The name of this amazing solution is “NEXUS card” and probably you know about this pass. It is valid for the travelers who cross the borders of Canada and the U.S. (between both countries) and is a trusted program for which you will learn more if you stay here!

travel card - nexus

Nexus cards are the best way for all people who often travel between Canada and America (business, family holidays, romantic trips etc.) and who are looking for a good way for a fast movement. The same people know that the hotel where will stay is not the leading precondition for an excellent vacation, neither the vehicle is the only thing you should concentrate on. Think about you movement. Think about your family and kids who do not deserve to be victims of the slow system on the border. Give them NEXUS cards and make them happy. Spend more time together and forget about the endless line that seems never-ending!

Just apply for NEXUS card and open a new page for your travel history. Make your movement really pleasant by using not the standard ways (first-class airplanes, or priority pass when waiting), but by using the NEXUS program! Have in mind that this way of movement is very famous, but not everyone takes advantage of it… And here comes a question: why there are so many people who often cross the borders of Canada and the U.S. but in the same time do not use the NEXUS cards? Did they find another way, better than the NEXUS program, that to provide them with fast movement? – Hardly…

Let’s say that you are ready to try the NEXUS program and even are impatience to hit the road with your card in the pocket. Let’s say that you have realized the benefits of the NEXUS program and even have some expectations regarding your next trips to Canada or the U.S. You think that everything will be perfect with the NEXUS card and that your last travels will have nothing to do with the next ones (with NEXUS). You are right! If you apply as soon as possible, if you receive an approval and start traveling by using your card, will see that all your assumptions and expectations were reasonable!

Have in mind that to get a NEXUS card, you have to apply with several steps. Mainly they are 4, unless you apply for the whole family (the NEXUS family application). Do not also forget that you must meet some very important conditions, that are actually the main reason why not every of us is suitable to be a member of the NEXUS program. You do not have to have a criminal record, as in addition shoud to be a citizen of Canada or the U.S. at least for 3 years.

renewalMost people meet these conditions but there are also travelers who do not have the luck to use the NEXUS cards… They do not have a “good profile” that to take them to the receiving of the NEXUS card. All this is very sad because the NEXUS program really worth. Hardly you will be able to find another way like this one that to provide you with fast movement and pleasant trip in generally. Do not miss it if you have this chance!

See more here: https://goo.gl/3obVnn

Every holder of a NEXUS card knows that its expiration date is 5 years after it was issued. When this time comes, he must renew its card in short terms. There is an another option too – he can apply for renewal 180 days before the expiration date, but even if he is late, is able to renew its card after that. As you see, there are two ways for you to apply for renewal of your NEXUS card. The first one is to do that right after you notice that the expiration date of the NEXUS card has occurred (this can happen long time after the expiration date…). The second one is to start the procedure for renewal 180 days before the validity of your membership expires. The choice is yours but have in mind that in both cases you will be able to apply. Every old/previous member of the NEXUS program is welcome again in the big NEXUS family!

Every trip can be perfect… From the packing of the luggage to the booking the hotel and the crossing of the border – all that can be really pleasant process. The NEXUS cards will only help you achieve your goals. Do not hesitate and apply for initial approval, or for renewal of the card you have been using till now. Good luck!