Family Holidays in Mapy – Burgas, Bulgaria.

Every holidaymaker who is keen on exiting trips is ready for everything in order to experience the vacation of its dreams! We as huge fans of amazing destinations, impressing sights and long, round trips are also ready to make everything possible to spend an interesting and memorable holiday… Considering the coming summer, we have already started looking for our next destination where to enjoy the warm weather and the amazing opportunities for having fun that this amazing season is providing! And we chose one… We have been in many places and have seen really amazing sights, but that we found […]

What you need need when it comes to excellent vacations?

How you plan your vacation before to hit the road? Are there some rules you follow when it comes to family getaways or the only thing you trust is your intuition? And how about the ways of traveling? Aren’t they of most importance, or actually it doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you are using – still, the hotel, the food and the sights you will see when arrive are much more important than the fast movement… The last one we said is complete delusion! Yes, both the accommodation and the establishments are really important for you to have a […]

Croatia, Bulgaria and Canada – the best summer destinations ever!

Europe is gorgeous… And to find the best destination if very difficult! All the countries in the Old continent are beautiful, as each of them has something to offer. How to make a choice and what are the criteria to rank the summer destinations, so that to finally choose only one…? The beach. That is the first thing you have to think about. Still, we visit some summer destination in order to enjoy the sea, right? In this train of thoughts, we must say that the most suitable places for practicing of summer tourism ate three: Bulgaria, Croatia and the […]