Where to ski in Bulgaria?

Good evening to all readers and more specially fans of the holidays!! Since you are here, that means you love to travel and explore beautiful destinations… We love to do this too and with the greatest pleasure will share with you our experience with the long and exciting trips we have experienced till now!

First of all, we want to tell you that everybody must travel a lot… Every travel will give you a special sensation – sensation that you never felt before! By traveling to foreign countries and picturesque spots, you will “collect” many unforgettable memories, many strong impressions and the most important thing – will have the relaxation you need so much!

How to spend the perfect vacation?

This question is little bit difficult, because for some of us the perfect vacation is the summer one, but for others – the winter one… Depending on your preferences and interests, you have to choose the most suitable place that to visit and after that to plan every your step during the holiday! Start with the destination…


When is the best time to travel?

Many people are going say that the summer season is the best time for travels, but actually we have another vision… We think that the winter is even a better season for you to travel. There are several reasons that can prove this: you can ski, you can enjoy the white fairy tale outside, you can feel a real coziness in front of the fire place and of course will have lots of fun among the snow with your kids! And even that the weather will be cold, if you wear warm and suitable clothes, won’t meet any problems with the cold outside!

Why Bulgaria…?

The country of Bulgaria is one of the most popular destinations for skiing in Europe. It has amazing nature allowing the locals to develop some of the areas in Bulgaria for ski tourism and mountain sports as well. If you have no idea where exactly to go in Bulgaria during the winter season, stay here and will learn everything you are interested in!

Bansko holidays!

This mountain and ski resort is simply amazing… Located in one of the most picturesque and breathtaking mountains in Bulgaria (Pirin), the ski resort of Bansko welcomes thousands of holidaymakers who want to ski and have fun among the snow! The resort is cheap, has excellent conditions for practicing of different kinds of winter sports (not only ski) and also is famous with its perfect reputation as regards to customer service and family-friendly conditions. In generally – Bansko is the best choice when it comes down to ski – in every respect!

In Bansko there are about 4 eco-paths that are simply amazing! For the people who really love to explore the area around their hotel, a short or why not long excursion along some of the eco-paths will be an unforgettable adventure. Nobody knows where will take you the road…

How about the ski resort of Borovets, or Borovets ski holidays?

Of course, Bulgaria has not only one and only ski resort. Actually, it is famous with 3 bigger ski resorts and several smaller, but also very visited and developed! Go to Borovets and free your mind… Free your mind from the negative energy you have accumulated during your daily round by visiting this lovely resort. There you will spend many positive emotions that will make you feel much better than before. Borovets will give you all that you need, because it is beautiful, cheap and budget-friendly! You will find it in the Rila Mountains – a real piece of paradise!!

You have to go to Borovets for many reasons. And just like Bansko, this resort has unique ski base, lovely hotels and excellent establishments where you can go to take a rest after the exhausting ski day! Borovets is the closest ski resort to the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, so if you are interested to see this town, Borovets will be very good choice for you!

Bulgaria will simply amaze you!

bulgarian nature

Hardly there is any other country like Bulgaria that to be proud with so many natural resources and its Bulgaria ski holidays… The sea, the mountains, the villages and the towns, the people… Bulgaria is rich in so many “valuables”, that to go there without getting inspired is simply impossible! Wherever you decide to go, won’t be disappointed. As we said, in the country there are several lovely ski resort for you to go for ski. You will enjoy very good ski runs, a good value for money, friendly people and so on and so on… This land is ranked as one of the most cozy and suitable for family holiday destinations and you should not miss the chance to experience the most unforgettable winter vacation in your life! Even if you do not like to ski and prefer just to relax in some SPA center, every of the ski resorts in Bulgaria will provide you with this opportunity!

Bulgarian ski resorts are more than perfect for romantic holidays… You can visit some of them with your beloved ones in order to spend many lovely moments in private. On the other hand, you can also make a surprise for your half by booking a nice hotel for both of you. At the right time you have to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend that you are going to take him/her to some fairy place for ski and many other exciting activities!! – Isn’t this really original?

Mountains of Bulgaria are picturesque, beautiful and many visited. People from all over the world go to Bulgaria for a holiday and not only… They are very interested to see its nature, because it is really legendary. Every corner of this land has a story you probably would like to learn and touch. Well, just do it and go during the winter season to Bulgaria. The snow, the silence and the relaxation you will find, can’t be compared to nothing else… Enjoy all that and take lots of pictures!

Finally, we would like to say that you are welcome in Bulgaria at any time of the year. The choice is yours!!