What you need need when it comes to excellent vacations?

How you plan your vacation before to hit the road? Are there some rules you follow when it comes to family getaways or the only thing you trust is your intuition? And how about the ways of traveling? Aren’t they of most importance, or actually it doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you are using – still, the hotel, the food and the sights you will see when arrive are much more important than the fast movement… The last one we said is complete delusion! Yes, both the accommodation and the establishments are really important for you to have a […]

The NEXUS card – your pass when traveling between Canada and the U.S.!

It is strange, but it’s a fact. People do not know how to travel properly! They are in a hurry all the time, they over-planning and are under stress during the whole travel as well. Please, stop doing this and start enjoying your journey. Time when adventuring has to be fulfilling and there is no place for negative emotions, thoughts and moments! You must organize your family or solo trip in a way allowing you to fully enjoy your destination, movement and even stay in the hotel. You have so many opportunities to do that! One of them is the […]

How to travel faster to Canada?

Canada is an amazing land… Everybody is willing to go there, but just a few people make their dreams come true! Be one of them and visit this country as soon as possible. Be informed that there is an incredible way for you to reach Canada faster, especially if you live in the U.S., love the short trips and family excursions to the next country as well! If you are wondering what is about and what we actually mean, stay here. We are going to tell you how to pass the customs check before the others (yes, that is quite possible), […]