Disposable Cups by Brendos

Hello dear readers, let’s talk marketing and promotion. Let’s talk about business and entrepreneurship. We all know that Facebook and Google are leading marketing companies that provide one of the best marketing and promotion sets out there. But how about some classic marketing tools like posters, branded disposable cups by Brendos¬† and BTL marketing. These years (may be at least 10) we slowly moved to digital marketing and promotion era, but the classic tools are coming back for sure.Why we say that, you may ask? – well the prices for digital marketing platforms like Google and Facebook are ricing for 1000 impressions (last year Facebook announced that their prices rice with 37% ). With that there is another very significant reason – less and less competition for the classical approach to customers like branded disposable cups, plastic or paper, posters and so on… So like many trends may be digital marketing trend is slowing down finally.

Maybe it is good to point out the view of the customer itself. Customers are tired to see only ads in social media, recently the largest social media out there – Facebook took measures to prioritize post and videos of the family members, not ads, but the customers are still not happy at all, just because this thing never happened – it was just PR /By the way… Facebook stocks then fall significant/ So if social media make decision to provide some real content of your family, friends and other people – they loose money, if they provide only ads in the feed – they profit a ton, but customers are quite unhappy.

Right there is the opportunity for some branded classic cups for example. You drink coffee, well most of us do, so when you are on a trip and you stop to get some coffee and the coffee shop you get paper or plastic cup, so do this cups have a logo or some kind of branding on it? – maybe, maybe not. Most vending machines do not operate with branded paper / plastic cups they operate with boring brown or white cups. So… just put your logo and tell the vending company that you will remove their cost of cups – it is win win situation, tight? Multiplie that times millions and millions of cups used for coffee drinking (or tea drinking in that matter) and you will see why this is way profitable and effective than some Facebook ad.

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